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Hand blender vertico⁷ Plus

Product number: 628078
Our benefits
  • Cordless
  • Powerful battery
  • Four attachments and two blending cups
  • Three speed settings
  • Made in Germany
Product information "Hand blender vertico⁷ Plus"

Hand blender vertico7 Plus - The one without cord

As with all ritter products, this appliance has a high quality of materials and mostly consists, of high-quality and stable metal, while the handle is made of plastic for comfortable ergonomics.

Thanks to its battery operation, the cordless hand blender guarantees absolute freedom when cooking. You can see the current charging status of the battery on a LED display. The lithium-ion battery can be carefully and slowly charged without overcharging it, thanks to intelligent charging technology. The charging process ends automatically as soon as the battery is loaded. This charging technology ensures a longer battery lifespan. And, on the subject of sustainable business strategy, new or replacement batteries can be ordered from ritterwerk customer service. It can be changed in just a few steps by the user.

Even safety is an important topic: It has a two-finger switch-on safety system. The unlock and on buttons must be pushed at the same time to prevent them from switching on accidentally. The hand mixer spins at maximum speed. Thanks to the switching system, two lower speed levels can then be chosen. To protect from overloading, for example if the blade is blocked, or overheating, the appliance shuts itself off automatically.

Four different attachments give the vertico7 Plus various cooking possibilities. In this way, the hand mixer can chop, puree, whip and mix the most various foods, depending on how finely the food is to be processed.

  • cordless battery-operated hand blender
  • LED battery level indicator
  • four attachments made of stainless steel:

        - universal cutter: standard attachment to blend most foods
        - whipping disk: to whip food items
        - stirring disk: to stir thick and creamy foods
        - cutting blade: to cut meat as well as fibrous fruits and vegetables

  • aluminum housing, ergonomic plastic handle
  • two-finger switch-on safety system
  • automatic safety shut-off in case of overloading or overheating

Steckernetzteil für Ladestation:

  • Eingangsspannung 100 – 240 Volt
  • Lithium-Ionen-Akku: 7,2 Volt, 2,1 Ah
  • Leistung: 120 Watt
  • TÜV-Rheinland/GS, CE



Stabmixer mit Ladestation

  • Maße: Breite 15,0 cm  Höhe: 44,0 cm  Tiefe 15,5 cm
  • Gewicht: 1,7 kg


  • Maße: Breite: 6,0 cm  Höhe: 42,0 cm  Tiefe: 7,0 cm
  • Gewicht: 1,0 kg

Special features

Wireless full metal design

Like all ritter products, the wireless, battery-operated vertico7 Plus hand blender is made in Germany and has a high quality material. For the most part, it is made of high-quality and sturdy metal. With the vertico7 Plus hand blender you have absolute freedom when cooking, as it is wireless. You are no longer connected to a socket and can move freely with the battery-operated hand blender.

Charging station

The hand blender is stored in the charging station - so it is always at hand and charges automatically after each use as soon as you hang it there. Thanks to the intelligent charging technology, the battery is charged gently and slowly without overcharging. This charging technology ensures a particularly long service life of the battery.

LED charge indicator

If one of the two buttons is pressed, the hand blender is hung in the charging station or taken out, the number of luminous LEDs on the LED display shows the charging status of the hand blender.

Security 2-finger switch-on system

Thanks to the easy operation of the vertico7 Plus hand blender with the proven safety 2-finger switch-on system, accidental switching on is avoided. Because the hand blender can only be switched on when pressing both buttons and is otherwise inactive.

Three speed settings

The hand blender runs at a maximum speed of approx. 12,000 revolutions per minute. With the help of the switch-through system, two further lower speed levels can be selected. The lowest setting is best suited for gently whipping cream or milk foam.

Attachments and mixer

Four different stainless steel attachments - utility knife, impact disc, mixing disc and cutting knife - allow vertico7 Plus a variety of preparation options. So the mixing rod can crush, purée, froth and stir, depending on how finely the respective food should be processed. The cones on the mixing mechanism hold the cutting material in order to cut this optimally. The blender has an open shape to prevent clogging when chopping hard cutting material.

Mixing cup

The vertico7 Plus hand blender includes two mixing cups. The two mixing cups, one made of stainless steel and one made of plastic, are ideal for processing thanks to their narrow, high shape. In principle, the knight hand blender can be used in any flat bottom vessel, even in cooking pots and pans. Narrow, tall vessels are suitable for the flow and due to less risk of splashing out, but much better than flat, wide ones.

Replaceable battery

If the battery has a defect, the entire hand blender does not need to be disposed of but in terms of sustainability, a replacement battery can be reordered and changed by the customer itself in a few simple steps.

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Available accessories/spare parts

Blending cup made of plastic
Most helpful for processing foods
Whipping disk
For creamy or fluffy foods
Blending cup made of stainless steel
Most helpful for processing foods
Universal cutter
Standard attachment
Lithium-ion battery
Battery of the cordless hand blender
Slotted pan head screw
As fastener for the battery lid
Stirring disk
For foods with a creamy consistency
Battery cover
Protects the battery
Plug-in power supply
Power supply of the charging station
Cutting knife
For cutting of meat and fibrous fruits

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